Floor Kids - Release Notes


Floor Kids v. 1.16.0

- Simplified Chinese and Korean language support.
- Fixed glitch when moving between the main menu and map

Floor Kids v. 1.12.2

- Japanese language support.
- Various localization improvements throughout the game.

Floor Kids v. 1.8.1

New Features and Improvements:
- Added video capture support! Share your groove with the world!
- New! practice “Infinity” dance mode. Access from the Extras menu.
- Replay the tutorial from Extras menu.
- Rewatch cutscenes from Extras menu.
- Added an audio latency calibration tool to the Options menu.
- Improved Breakdeck card switching animation when selected.
- Added HD rumble effects on Freeze and Power moves.
- Improved combo achievement visuals.
- Improved Multiplayer and Infinity Mode track selection.

Bug fixes:
- Crash when player 1 and 2 simultaneously presses pause.
- Crash that sometimes occurs upon exiting Multiplayer.
- Move name sometimes not appearing when starting a dance routine.
- Exiting credits scene doesn’t stop credits track.
- Sometimes first chorus block doesn’t fill.
- Two funk bonus visuals appear on first chorus note.

Floor Kids v. 1.6.0

- Improved transitions out of Freeze moves and made them more responsive.
- Localized to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
- Unlock location moments more visible.
- Character select defaults to previously selected.
- Multiplayer results now identifies the winner more clearly.
- Handling a draw in multiplayer.
- Toprock tutorial instructs you to return to toprock if in another category.
- Sped up card reward collection.
- Added Strobe instruction to Controls screen.
- Added Strobe tip to loading screen.
- Saving language change selection.
- Power and Freeze bonus display update.
- Credits update to include localization team, updates to thank you section.
- Multiplayer chorus hits use stereo panning for audio feedback.

Various bug fixes:
- Flavor Bonus no longer triggers on round exit in multiplayer.
- Particle effects fixed for player 2.
- Combo move list transparency animation.
- No longer see map view after confirming a location selection.
- Move name updates in Breakdeck.
- Move name not appearing sometimes on first move performed.
- Various pluralization and capitalization throughout.
- Can no longer skip through Power tutorial with any power move.
- Hops now count up correctly in results.
- Removed extra red highlighted squares from appearing in chorus game.
- Improved confirmation screen performance.
- Improved scrolling behavior in options menu and results screens.
- Various crowd character placement tweaks.

Floor Kids v. 1.4.1

- French translation fix in Controls help screen. 
- Multiplayer loading screen fix. 
- Tutorial music playback issue after resetting progress.

Floor Kids v. 1.4.0

- Initial Release